Andrew and Larisa Fleming writing the next chapter of life together.
Andrew Fleming > Andrew and Larisa Fleming writing the next chapter of life together.
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Blog 11th July 18


Hi  I’m Larisa Fleming, I’m blind and  this is my husband Andrew. He’s a paraplegic.

Larisa went blind from a brain tumour at 11 years old and I broke my back in a farming accident when I was 31.

We get noticed everywhere we go with Andrew’s wheelchair and my guide dog Helen. Aye Miss Helen.

One of my Uncles calls us the Odd couple and he’s right on some levels we must be a sight to watch at times. A blind lady lifting wheelchair out of the boot with a guide dog waiting next to me to have her harness put on. The point is we do what we need to do to make our lives work.

Andrew’s written a book called change the channel and he’s been speaking professionally about what happened to him and how he overcame challenges that seemed impossible.

When I met Larisa I saw someone with the same strength and attitude that had helped me overcome my challenges that seemed impossible. Imagine what it would be like to go blind at 11 years old. On top of that she was told she had only two years to live.

I saw the same strength in Andrew that had got me over many challenges and still does. I believe we all have that strength we just need to find it.

We have learnt that negative thoughts are the biggest hurdle to overcoming challenges. By learning to Change the Channel on our thoughts we have both overcome challenges most people can’t imagine.

People have been encouraging us to share our stories to give others insight into how to face life’s biggest challenges. If you would like to know more keep an eye out for our weekly blog.

We will be sharing parts of our stories and challenges as well as what’s happening in the next chapter of our lives.

Like speaking together and our ski trip to Wanaka in two weeks…..