Andrew was a fit and active man with a passion for barefoot water skiing and snow skiing, but at 31 a farming accident left him paralysed from the waist down. Andrew had decided to ride his quad bike up a steep spur on his farm to get home faster.  Minutes after making that split-second decision, his quad bike flipped and he was left lying in a paddock, in agony and unable to move, until help arrived seven hours later.

His life changed in an instant, in ways few of us can imagine.  At times his situation seemed impossible and hopeless. But with each new obstacle, Andrew learned he had the power to alter his perception and find hope, whatever the challenge and that hope opens our minds to solutions. From the start, Andrew met each new set of challenges head on.  He remained positive about his future prospects and spent much of his spare time in hospital after the accident thinking about how he was going to continue farming from a wheelchair.

But almost unbelievably, his life was turned upside down for a second time when, after three months rehabilitation and home from hospital for just a week, his wife announced she was leaving him.

How many people would find the courage to remain positive after two such major life-changing events within a few months of each other?

He also had to deal with chronic persistent pain due to nerve damage around the broken vertebra in his back, and the struggle of surviving on a meagre $14 000 a year accident compensation pay out.

Rather than give in to his frustration and depression, Andrew reasoned his feelings were legitimate and that he needed to “get his head around things” – not take a pill.

So he took a gamble instead.  He decided to put all the money he had into purchasing two rental properties, and he made a $70,000 profit in just 3 years.  He used all the profit to purchase more property and to educate himself better about successful property investment.

The courses Andrew attended exposed him to the world of personal development and he learnt the power of reframing situations and looking at what was great about them instead of dwelling on what was wrong with them. Over the years since the accident he has attended several different personal development courses around the world, and surrounded himself with what he calls “the right kind of people”.  

As a result he has gone from strength to strength, developing his own brand of positive thinking that has made him an award winning disabled motivational speaker and an inspiration to many. It has been quite a journey!

Overcoming odds together
Andrew's union with Larissa
In 2017, Andrew met Larisa and they married in March 2018. Larisa went blind from a brain tumour when she was 11 and like Andrew had to overcome challenges most of us can’t really imagine. They quickly found a common bond and fortitude in each other and have since travelled together speaking and telling their inspirational life stories.

But wait! There is a third party to their love equation, who we must not fail to mention.

This third party is Larisa's guide dog Helen!  Helen does and amazing job at keeping Larisa safe and independent.
Helen remembers the way to the places they need to go and they walk up to 5 km a day together. Helen regularly educates people on the amazing abilities of guide dogs and the difference this makes to a blind persons life.

Andrew and Larisa on stage together with beautiful guide dog Helen, is a very unique insight into the challenges this couple face. Living with two major disabilities, each of which, could potentially occur from a workplace accident.
Their stories are very powerful and inspiring, and will stick in the minds of your audience.

Tell them what you want to achieve, and they will tell their stories in a way that best suits you needs.

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