Let Andrew inspire your audience with his real-life drama of triumph despite the odds!
Award-winning motivational safety speaker, life coach, property investor and author of the book 'Change The Channel': An inspirational story of taking control of situations that seem impossible, Andrew Fleming gives powerful keynote speaking presentations using his personal experience to demonstrate what is possible for us all when we put our minds to it. Andrew Fleming is an engaging safety speaker for health and safety conference, meeting or event. Contact him to discuss about your next meeting or event needs.
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Andrew Fleming speaking at Business Breakfast Club in Nelson, New Zealand as well as audience testimonials.
CTV interview on Andrew Fleming with headline "Taking full advantage of your life."
Motivate and inspire your audience
with a clear, positive and empowering message
Purposeful and Passionate
From being a fit and active sheep farmer with a passion for bare-foot water skiing in summer and snow skiing in winter, Andrew’s life changed in an instant in October 2000 when a quad-bike accident shattered his spine and left him paraplegic. But far from being defeated by the enormous challenges he was immediately and continually faced with, fifteen years on Andrew says he is happier now than he was before the accident, and he’s achieved more than many able-bodied people – including being back on the ski slopes, doing what he loves most. Andrew’s motivational presentations have captivated audiences in New Zealand and overseas. His story is told with intelligence, insight, and matter-of-fact good humour, and his message is clear, positive and empowering: if you find the will, you’ll find the way!
Be challenged to change!
Let Andrew show your audience that, no matter how challenging a situation seems, there is always the option to change the channel of your thoughts from negative to positive. It's up to you to see the choice, and take it!
Make what seems impossible, possible
when we put our minds to it.
Powerful keynote presentations
Professional and personable, Andrew personalises the delivery of his message to each event's purpose and host's interest.
Inspirational Speaker
Using his personal real life experience, Andrew demonstrates what is possible for us all when we put our minds to it.
Health & Safety Advocate
Encourage staff to take health and safety more seriously. Andrew 's powerful story will make them think of the consequences their actions.
Insurance focussed
Through his powerful story, he educates and emotively encourages people to consider the benefits and necessity of insurance.
Get better results
As a life coach, he works with his clients to enhance their perception and challenge their mindset to get positive results!
Purchase Andrew's book
Gift to your clients or pre-purchase for audiences to get inspired by Andrew's book, 'Change the Channel'.
In 2017, Andrew met Larisa who had beaten a lot of odds herself, going blind from a brain tumour at 11 years old and being given two years to live. Seeing similar strengths in each other they quickly fell in love and married. Now they travel together sharing their powerful inspirational story of triumph over life’s mishaps and misfortunes.
Interested to know more about Andrew & Larissa?
Read their story
Andrew Fleming communicates hope. And the rewards of perseverance. He has a personal story of courage which he is able to make relevant to all his listeners. As a business owner I received fantastic feedback from my team after Andrew’s presentation to us. His experience and the lessons he shares are relevant to the day to day “issues” we all deal with. I can highly recommend Andrew as a motivational speaker – he delivers a powerful message without any hype.
Maree Tassell Business Owner, iFindProperty
I found the session an eye opener as to what it is like for someone following an accident of that severity. There is an attitude of “she’ll be right” within NZ and people need to be more aware that things can go wrong. The session with Andrew was inspirational and showed how a change of attitude can make things different in your life.
Lauren-Jane Nevill, Farmers Mutual Group
Andrew is an "awe inspiring" speaker. His story of overcoming his challenges and not accepting defeat is inspiring; along with the way he links his day to day issues with the problems of the "everyday person in the street," and challenges us to take up on our own challenges with the same courage!
Greg Longstaff, Franchiseaustralasia.com
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