Andrew’s story is a real-life drama of triumph over adversity. 

As a inspirational speaker and keynote speaker, he will captivate your audience, entertain, educate and inspire them with proof that, if you have a big enough WHY, It will lead you to the HOW.

Andrew has shared his message with audiences around New Zealand and overseas to huge applause and overwhelmingly positive feedback. 

If you have a business team, sports team, school group, or any group in need of a reason to believe they can always do more than they think they can, then contact Andrew now.

Andrew will demonstrate to your audience how...

  • We all have a choice in coping with any situation, either good or bad. 
  • Managing our fears and concerns allows us to process a situation more effectively.
  • Having the right attitude can move us past any obstacle.
They will learn... 

  • if we believe it is possible we can make it happen
  • we have the power to change our perception and mindset and get better results
  • the power of focusing on what you can do
  • the benefits of adopting an attitude of self-investment and self-improvement.

Andrew’s special focus on the Insurance Industry and Health and Safety issues.
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