Change the Channel .

An inspirational story of taking control of situations that seem impossible.

Have you ever faced challenges you didn’t know how to deal with, situations that seemed impossible? On a day like any other, Andrew Fleming’s life changed dramatically. Thrown from his quad bike, he spent many hours lying in a paddock with a shattered vertebra wondering if anyone would find him. As challenging as that day was, it was only one day of many, larger challenges that Andrew would face in the future, challenges he could not then begin to imagine. A fit, active Taranaki farmer and accomplished barefoot water skier and snow skier,

Andrew says, “I used to look at people in wheelchairs and think about how hard it must be for them not being able to walk. Realistically, I had no idea of their struggles. For me, the biggest challenges are things I least expected.” Like chronic pain 24/7, the emotional turmoil of a marriage breakdown soon after his accident, and the harsh financial realities of being uninsured and unable to return to any full-time work. Andrew’s book is an honest and open account of the huge challenges - and the smaller ones - he has had to face in coming to terms with his disability without letting it defeat him.

The frustration of being unable to change the channel on his hospital TV immediately after his accident became the metaphor for his life: He realised he could at least change the channel on his thoughts, from negative to positive, and in doing so, be open to finding the solutions He needed to achieve what he wanted.

His book asks some big questions as well as offering some practical and pragmatic advise on why we should all be better prepared for such a possibility. What would you do if something similar happened to you? Andrew’s story provides valuable insight into how to: plan your future financial security find hope in your darkest moments rise above seemingly impossible challenges. There is always a choice - it’s up to you to see it!

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What Readers had to say “Andrew, thank you so much for giving me a copy of your book to read. You are an INSPIRATION to me. I have now read your book 3 times and I continue to learn from your writing. The wisdom which you have shared has enlightened and guided me somewhat on numerous occasions. When I was down and out, I thought and still think of the words you wrote: “I changed the channel on my negative thoughts, made a decision to look forward and found the strength to face my challenges.” I can highly recommend this book to everyone, it teaches many of life’s lessons! “
Kalvin Coates Sydney, Australia
“Andrew’s book really opened my eyes to the risks we all face by not being covered effectively by proper insurance.  As a business person, I have a number of insurance and life policies, however I will really be reassessing them all in light of Andrew’s book.  This book is a witty, insightful and real take on a tragic incident that changed every aspects of Andrew’s life in a heartbeat.  Andrew’s book provides a wonderful example of a man who overcame so many adversities, becoming an inspiration to us all!”
Tom O’Neil  Managing Director – CV.CO.NZ (NZ) Ltd
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