Conrad Wilkshire, General Manager, FMG Insurance
Alistair Gall, Health and Safety Team Leader, Methanex, NZ
Rhys Humphries, Oil and Gas Consultant

Ross Whitmore, Chartered Accountant, Vanburwray Accountants
"Andrew is an awe-inspiring speaker. His story of overcoming his challenges and not accepting defeat is inspiring, along with the way he links his day-to-day issues with the problems of the ‘everyday person in the street’, and challenges us to take up our own challenges with the same courage!"
Greg Longstaff
“The team were able to gain real insite from you on a true life situtation and how one minute everything is normal and the next life has changed for the worst in a heartbeat. At times it was difficult to keep clear eyes as the emmotions starting to come in however, the important message was not lost. We can now put some real life credibility into the every day conversations we have with with our customers and ask the question “can you really afford not to have personal insurance on yourself? how would your life change following a horrific accident? how would you continue to live and run the farm in the way you do now after serious injury.”
Nicole Sorensen
“I found the session an eye opener as to what it is like for someone following an accident of that severity. There is an attitude of “she’ll be right” within rural NZ and people need to be more aware that things can go wrong. The session with Andrew was inspirational and showed how a change of attitude can make things different in your life.”
Lauren-Jane Nevill