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8 March 2023
UNLOCKED FROM WITHIN Podcast. Marty Clay interviewing Andrew Fleming
March 8, 2023

I was recently interviewed by Martyn Clay for his podcast Unlocked From Within. This was a special opportunity for me to share my evolving story 8 years after publishing my book and also that Marty is a past coaching client that made the most of his 12 months coaching with me back in 2014 and went on to do great things like becoming a coach himself and doing this podcast. I thought Marty had great potential all those years ago…

Good Days and Bad Days
October 5, 2018
Video Diary

Andrew and Larisa Fleming discussing what they were doing 18 years ago today. Larisa was training for her second New York Marathon and is was the day of Andrew’s accident that resulted in his spinal injury. Two very different day for two different people,